Friday, January 20, 2012

Edible Drug-Tracking Microchips

Edible Drug-Tracking Microchips
"Smaller than a grain of sand, the tiny chip will monitor which drug pills are taken, and electronically send this information to patches worn on patients' arms. The patches will then send the information to the mobile phones of patients' relatives and physicians." 

If done so slowly that people do not notice then the controlled will never be aware they have submitted.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipe #2 Simple Mint Facial Cleanser

This is a cooling, soothing, delightfully scented, and inexpensive facial cleanser.  It is particularly good to use if you have delicate skin.

What you'll need:
2 1/2 Cups Fresh Milk
4  tbsps  Fresh Mint (Apple or Peppermint)
1 Small dark colored bottle* (Pump or Pour)
2 Small Bowls **

1.  Wash the mint off and lay on clean surface or cloth.

2.  While you let the mint dry off some, measure and pour milk into first bowl.

3.  Finely chop the mint and add it to the milk.  Cover and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. 

4.  Strain the liquid through a piece of cheesecloth or paper towel into second bowl that's easy to pour.  Even after straining there might be some tiny shreds of mint in the liquid.

5.  Make sure your bottle is rinsed and dried.  Pour liquid into bottle and store in refrigerator.

6.  Apply to face with hands, facial brush, or cotton ball.  Make sure to rinse your skin well to so you leave any remaining shreds of mint on your skin.  Make sure to rinse with warm water, not hot.  Hot water can be very damaging to skin, especially for delicate skin.

*Dark or solid colored containers keep light from penetrating and damaging the mixture. Dark glass bottles are available at health food and herbal stores.  If you can't get a bottle, use a solid colored bowl that has a sealable lid.

**Bowl needs to hold at least 3 cups liquid but doesn't need to take up too much refrigerator space.  It's very helpful for at least the second bowl to have a pouring lip or be soft plastic that's squeezable to make pouring into bottle easy.

FDA warns about painkiller mix-up in Excedrin, Bufferin

FDA warns about painkiller mix-up in Excedrin, Bufferin

"The Food and Drug Administration is warning patients about a potential mix-up between powerful prescription pain drugs and common over-the-counter medications like Excedrin and Gas-X made at a Novartis manufacturing plant."

Is this a recall or an attempt to increase sales?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Recipe #1 Hot Brandied Elder-Lemon Toddies

Theses warming, relaxing, antiviral ingredients blend well into the old tradition of sipping hot toddies to dispel chills, coughs, and colds.

Yield: About 12 ounces; 1 serving

What you'll need:
3    Tablespoons of Grated Fresh Ginger Root
3    Tablespoons Elder Flowers *
1    Cup Boiling Water
1/4 Cup Brandy
1    Small Lemon (juiced and set aside)
2    Tablespoons  Honey

(* Elder Flowers must come from the Blue-Berried variety.  The Red-Berried variety is toxic, do not use.)

1. Prepare the tea.  Add Ginger and Elder Flowers to small pot with boiling water.  Stir, cover, and allow to steep for 10 minutes.

2. Strain the tea, and pour into a large mug. Stir in the brandy, lemon, and honey.

3. Sip slowly and enjoy!

Article from Natural News on Sage & Rosemary + my notes on these great herbs as well.

Rosemary oil can be used as a natural meat preservative, and it works better than chemical additives

"In a 2006 study, essential oils of rosemary and sage performed better at preventing oxidative decay and preventing loss of polyunsaturated fatty acids in meat than a combination of BHA and BHT. This means rosemary oil and sage oil may be one of the best natural food preservers yet discovered, and instead of having detrimental side effects, these natural oils offers protective health benefits!"

 Rosemary and Sage, like many herbs, can be used in many forms and for many purposes.  Aroma therapy, bath oils and sachets, tea infusions, and tinctures.

Aroma therapy uses of Rosemary are great for stimulating and energizing a tired mind.  Bath oils and sachets of the herb can awaken a tired and stressed out mind while also relieving tensed or aggravated nerves.  Because of it's antispasmodic properties and ability to clear stressed minds and headaches, an infusion of Rosemary leaves in a tea is often used for relief of flu symptoms.

Sage, like Rosemary, when used in aromatherapy is a great mind clearing and awakening herb.  Sage is also a great antibacterial, antiviral, and astringent.  Internally it is useful in helping the liver cleanse the body of toxins that could cause nerve and muscle pains.  Because of it's antibacterial and antiviral properties it's often used as a mouth rinse or gargle for sore throats, coughs, digestion problems do to bacteria and gingivitis.  Externally used as a tincture Sage can be applied to injuries for symptom relief of swelling, bleeding, and treatment/prevention of infection.  Sage is also used as a deodorant because of it's ability to kill odor causing bacteria and its ability to lesson excessive sweating.